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Shaping the future of conveyancing with professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Suite 6/678 Beaufort St
Mt Lawley WA 6050

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Western Australia 6929

Licensee: Strategic Property Conveyancing Pty Ltd

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Strategic Property Conveyancing assists residential and commercial buyers and sellers in WA with the complete settlement process. This includes initial paperwork all the way through to final settlement.

Our goal is to make sure your settlement runs smoothly, by identifying any potential issue as early as possible. We also give you the information you need to make decisions along the way.


Our settlement agent works with sellers and buyers across Western Australia. We have achieved many successful settlements for our clients. And we understand what is required to complete settlement efficiently, so your experience is stress-free.


If you are buying or selling a commercial property, we can assist you with the settlement process. Our settlement agents are well versed in commercial conveyancing, and we are backed by many years of commercial settlement expertise.


We aim to provide a service that is both modern and responsive. Our team engages in ongoing professional development and education, which means we are up to date with electronic conveyancing methods and other techniques that streamline the settlement process.


Providing a service backed by integrity and clear communication is so important to us. Our clients are never left in the dark about where their settlement is at. We keep you informed, as much or as little as you like, so you have real peace of mind.

Contact us about your settlement.

No Hidden Fees

Property conveyancing is not a one size fits all process. Most clients do require a slightly different approach, depending on what their settlement involves.

We will provide you with a tailored conveyancing costs quote based on the services you require for commercial and residential property conveyancing services. You only pay for the services you truly need.

To make sure your quote is accurate and to discover if we are a good fit for you, call for a competitive conveyancing quote.

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Meet Our Property Conveyancers in Perth


Think of Kyla as your must-have or go-to person when it comes to the most critical part of your ‘epic’ journey, that is before you sign your life away purchasing (or selling) your home. Kyla with her team of conveyancers will make sure that every moment of the settlement process, dotting the I's and T's goes smoothly for you.

Since 17, Kyla has immersed herself in the Property Settlement Industry and now as the Director and Licensee of her own property conveyancing business, Kyla and her team work tirelessly to bring smiles to her clients that come through her doors. 

Beyond leading Strategic Property Conveyancing, Kyla is also a skilled facilitator, liaison and paperwork whizz. She believes that the biggest purchase of your life should be made stress-free. No settlement is too complex. That’s why she is highly regarded amongst both her clients and peers. 

“Running my own business can be very challenging at times. Helping my clients complete a complicated part of home ownership makes it all worthwhile though. Without my wonderful clients, I wouldn’t be able to achieve all of the things I have set out to do in life.” 

Contact Kyla about handling your settlement.


Mel is another go-to person in Strategic Property Conveyancing, Kyla’s right-hand woman when she is out of the office. 

Mel lives and breathes conveyancing since she started at 16 years old in this industry and she works her way through the ranks gaining the much-needed knowledge and experience along the way to help her clients and get the job done. 

Mel is also a time management expert in her approach to making sure that all the settlements in the office are completed efficiently, without a hitch, and at the same time delivering an excellent service to our clients.

“I find the most difficult settlements to be the most rewarding. There is no settlement we can’t handle as a team and I love hearing the joy in our clients’ voices when we tell them everything has been settled.” 

Contact Melinda about booking a consult with Strategic Property Conveyancing.

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Lara is a licensed conveyancer in both residential and commercial settlements with 25 years of experience under her belt. She has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in handling settlements, subdivisions, related party transactions, deceased estates and change of name applications, you are definitely in safe hands.

From your initial contact with Lara, the preparation of paperwork, through to the final settlement payment, she will make you feel at ease, no matter how tricky your settlement may seem. 

“The best part of my job is hearing the excitement in the client’s voice once I’ve completed a settlement for them. Although some settlements can be a bit more difficult to process, the success of settlement at the end of the day makes me that so much happier.” 

Contact Lara about booking a consult with Strategic Property Conveyancing.

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Karen has a much-valued combination of experience having worked in the bank industry and law firm since 2006 processing settlements. As a licensed settlement agent she brings a collection of experience and knowledge with her to the Strategic Property Conveyancing team.

For Karen, streamlining your settlement process is what matters most to her. Working with Karen you can rest easy knowing that Karen has your best interests in mind and that your settlement is in good hands with her by your side. 

“No settlement is ever the same, but one thing is for sure.... no matter who comes through our doors, everyone appreciates good old-fashioned customer service and our capability to make their settlement stress-free.” 

Contact Karen about booking a consult with Strategic Property Conveyancing.

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Leisa is our chief call taker and superstar assistant at Strategic Property Conveyancing. Leisa has practical experience working within the settlement industry and law firms in the past. She will help point you in the right direction for any questions you may have about the settlement process giving you peace of mind.

When she isn’t attending to phone calls or answering emails, Leisa is like the ‘sous-chef’ to the rest of our team. From the start of your settlement journey, through to finalising your settlement and payment, Leisa will be there to lend a hand - we can't do without her.

“I love meeting who I speak to on the phone, it adds a real connection to the whole settlement process. You’ll catch me behind the front desk with a big smile on my face, eager to help you with your settlement journey.” 

Contact Leisa about booking a consult with Strategic Property Conveyancing.

What others say…

Melinda and the team were first class. Efficient, responsive, professional. Couldn't have had better service.

Google Review

Neil Davidson

Strategic Conveyancing were really great with our house purchase. I highly recommend them. They were very responsive, cost competitive and guided us through every step of the process.

Google Review

Keegan Anthony

Karen and Lara were always so helpful and extremely efficient. I would definitely use their service again.

Google Review

Leah Casley
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